Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/11 + 1

For someone who hasn't written much about 9/11 in the past, I'm certainly making up for it this year.

A beam from Tower 1 of the World Trade Center is in Milford this week.  It's in a parking lot across from the fire hall on West Cathering Street.  When I read it was here, I just had to jump in the car to see it.

I've been to the 9/11 exhibit at the State Museum of New York in Albany.  It's worth the trip, even though what you will see is chilling-- huge hunks of metal, a crushed fire truck, a damaged police car, personal mementos found in the rubble that were never matched with the owners...

There's a story in Milford, and below is what has been placed on top of the beam.
 The Milford display is rather simple.  It's located at the site of a still under construction firefighters' memorial.
It's amazing how a hunk of rusting steel can evoke such emotion.