Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've avoided 9/11 entries during the nine year life of the blog.  There are others who can do it better, and I was told long ago that "unless you were buried under rubble, no one cares where you were on 9/11."

This year, an exception.

SGT Jan Argonish was killed in Afghanistan in August of 2007.  I've gotten to know his father during the last year.  We go to the same gym.  I was happy to stop by the annual motorcycle run in honor of SGT Argonish Sunday afternoon.
The start and finish were in Dalton, and this is what you saw when you entered the borough.  You knew this was no ordinary day.

The beginning and end were at the Dalton Fire Co. carnival grounds, and it was bikes just about as far as you could see.
They set off on their ride at noon-- slowly pulling out of the carnival grounds.
A cloudy and damp morning gave way to partly sunny skies, with a bit of a breeze.  The weather was just about perfect.
The route took riders through Lackawanna County.  I caught up with the group in Jessup.  Fire trucks from Dickson City and Blakely suspended a huge flag over Route 247, just off the Casey Highway.  Believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice.

The Argonish family has to be proud of Jan's service to his country, and honored so many people came out to make sure he is never forgotten.

 Money raised from the bike run will be used to build homes for soldiers wounded defending our freedom.