Friday, September 13, 2013


This blog is two months away from its 9th birthday.  It's the start of the new fall season, and I return from a much needed vacation tonight.  It's time to freshen things up.
I was looking for a name for the "a day in the life" entries, and I received some really good suggestions, including "A Day in the Life."  I came very close to choosing "This Day."  It was designed as an homage to two of my favorites:  "This Week with David Brinkley" and "This Song" by George Harrison.  In case you were born after 1975, the "This Song" video is on You Tube, and Google the story behind it.  Great stuff.  "First Person" seemed to be the best fit.  After all, the blog is all about my perspective on things.

A really good suggestion came from co-worker Mindi Ramsey.  She stuck "Andy's Angles" into my head.  It was a close second to "First Person."  I didn't want to let it go.  A few people have said my weekend "Bad Photography" really isn't all that bad, so "Bad Photography" is being retired.  The weekend photos will now be called "Andy's Angles."
Yeah, it's the same old junk, except with new names.  Hey, it was time for something different.
And, before we close for the day, one more picture from Saturday morning's "Lift Like Leckey."
 Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.  I'll see you soon.