Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scrapple Thursday

I went looking at cell phones yesterday.  My head feels like it's going to bust open.  Once you decide on a device, you have to pick a plan, how to pay for it, insurance, etc.  Cell phone companies are their own worst enemies.  Make it simple, and you'll triple your business.

I'm loving the warm weather.  50 degrees is about the cut off point for my pre dawn bike rides.  This year's bike season has lasted far beyone expectations.

I'm not interested in tasting pumpkin anything.  That includes pie, beer, cake, donuts, coffee and the myriad of other pumpkin products out there.

The baseball playoffs sound interesting.  I say "sound" because I've been listening to the recaps on the radio.  Most of the good games take place while I'm asleep.

The government shutdown makes me sad.  We have turned in to a nation unwilling to solve its own problems.  The USA has become a big Scranton.  I'm glad the shutdown is over, but I have the feeling we'll have some other governmental gridlock issue in the weeks to come.

CNN Radio won three prestigious Edward R. Murrow awards the other night.  CNN closed its radio division earlier this year.

I have this literally irritating habit of shaving with a razor one day longer than I should have.

Butterfinger is making peanut butter cups.  Yay!  The Altoona based Mallo Cup people used to make a peanut butter cup called  "Smoothie."  Unfortunately, I haven't seen one of those in years.