Friday, October 25, 2013


It's a rare weekend off, and you might think taking a vacation week at the end of October is odd.

To the contrary.

It began as a way to avoid an extra long shift, back when standard time resumed on the last Sunday of October.  The feds moved it to the first Sunday of November several years ago.  November is an "all hands on deck" month in the TV biz, so a November vacation was out of the question.

I kept the late October vacation, even after the EST switch.  If you look carefully, this time of year has its charm.  It's chilly, windy and blustery.  The leaves are past peak.  Most days are rather grey.  But, there's something about putting on a coat and hat, and taking a walk as the leaves swirl at your feet.

It's also a decent time for photographs.  Pictures with little color can be just as striking as the ones with brightly colored leaves and tons of blue sky.

The only things I frown upon are the late sunrises.  I'm a morning guy, even on my off days.  You can't touch the camera until around 7:45 AM, and I don't like that.

Standard time changes all of that, and it's only a little more than two weeks away.

Bill Wadell has the anchor desk this weekend.  See you soon.