Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Scrapple

I'll spare you the usual anti Black Friday rant.  If you feel the desire to shop today, go nuts.

Always remember, if you hear a reporter say, or read "Today is the biggest shopping day of the year," the reporter is lazy and uninformed.  The biggest shopping day is actually the last Saturday before Christmas.

I swear this is true:  I was in a mini mart Monday morning.  Two employees were wondering what day Thanksgiving falls on this year.  I kid you not.  Thanks to Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of November.  Maybe the mini mart workers skipped school and missed that lesson in history class.

I went to the gym very early Thanksgiving morning.  The temperature had dropped.  Roads were icy.  It was in the midst of a snow shower-- and I was more worried about encountering a drunk driver.

I love going to a supermarket on Black Friday.  First, it's empty.  Second, I enjoy watching employees try to make some dense out of the post holiday disarray.

I'm really tired of the discussions centering on the mediocre Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always getting Thanksgiving games.  It's tradition.  Deal with it.  I'd rather see the NFL spread around Thanksgiving games, but the Dallas/Detroit thing is really nothing to get upset over.

Alec Baldwin has lost his MSNBC show.  Who didn't see that coming?

"The Blacklist" really has to tone down the violence.  Blood was splattered everywhere Monday night, and there's apparently a lot more to come.  The show is clever.  It doesn't need the gore.

It's too bad that comet didn't totally survive its trip around the sun.  As I write this, there is conflicting evidence.

Mike Huckabee's radio show goes away in mid December.  It was on 200 stations.  I'm assuming they were not market leaders.