Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Scrapple

Explain a universe where we can't have a bag of microwave popcorn because it contains trans fats, but we can have all the cigarettes we want-- and we can smoke them where others have to breathe in the toxic gas.

Hazing/bullying on any level is unacceptable.  It's mind boggling that "professional" and "adult" athletes can engage in such behavior.  I hope the NFL commissioner comes down on the practice, and comes down hard.

The latest Wilkes-Barre murder victim and suspect were both out on bail on drug offenses.  As the great Kevin Jordan taught me, the purpose of bail is not to punish.  It's to guarantee appearance at future court proceedings.

When "Anchorman2" is the big movie of the holiday season, you know box office choices this year will be poor.

No matter how old you get, it's still fun to kick through leaves accumulated at the curb.

If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving and want to shop the day away, that's OK with me.  Still, I'm old school and think stores should be closed.

It's sad to see John C. McGinley's talents wasted with "Ground Floor" on TBS.

Tuesday morning's snow was pretty, but dangerous.  It was a little depressing-- a reminder of a long, dark, cold winter ahead.

I miss baseball.