Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten: Nicholson and Why Not?

Some call it the Tunkhannock Viaduct.  Others call it the Nicholson Bridge.  Everyone calls is spectacular.

This shot was taken in mid April.

I love how one of the supports is reflected in the water of Tunkhannock Creek.

Moving on...

A Wilkes-Barre Times~Leader editorial was on the money yesterday. It questioned why a city the size of Wilkes-Barre doesn't have a New Year's Eve celebration. The "diamond drop" was canceled years ago because the city didn't have the money. The paper suggested a smaller scale, evening event-- something geared toward families, something that would have you home well before the new year arrives. Think of it-- some food and non alcoholic beverages on the square, a few fireworks at 8 PM-- a sentimental farewell to the old year rather than a wild party to start the new. It makes sense. Wilkes-Barre needs to start thinking big.