Thursday, January 9, 2014


I've been trying to avoid part of the "OMG!  It's so cold outside!" chorus, but the time has come to chime in.

First, calm down.  This is Pennsylvania.  It gets cold.  It's been colder

I turned off the TV for a while because I got tired of seeing silly cable news reporter and Weather Channel personnel doing wacky cold weather stunts.  The same goes for the channels that aired home videos of people doing stupid things.

This isn't rocket science.  Check on the young, the old, and animals.  Dress appropriately for the weather.  Limit your exposure.

I have mixed feelings on the school cancellations.  City and small town schools could have toughed it out.  Rural districts are another story.  Some children have long rides to school, waiting for buses out in the middle of nowhere.

Can we stop calling it "global warming?"  It's climate change.  We might not be getting warmer, but patterns clearly are different.  Whether it's man made or something the planet does from time to time is up for debate.

Here's one thing that really concerns me:  power companies said the grid was maxed out Tuesday night.  Customers were urged to conserve, a good idea in any weather.  As noted above, we've had bigger cold snaps in this country.  It makes you wonder how reliable our electric system is, if there was a real national emergency.