Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Love This!

I always enjoy it when the blog gets a rise out of people.

I don't have a Facebook site, but a couple co-workers showed me comments, lighting me up over last week's entry on my old college radio station, WVMW 91.7.

I admire how you're defending your operation.  I'm sorry, but you still don't get it.  The most successful stations are the ones that do the best job of reflecting their community.  WVMW has a pre-set on my car radio.  I listen often.  You've become a juke box, not a radio station.

I understand the need to automate during parts of the day.  Even the big guys do that, and I like that WVMW is on 24/7. 

WVMW is a college station, and its primary mission is to train students in the art and science of broadcasting.  Your sound is polished and professional.  It's also canned.

Having a radio station and not using it to its fullest capabilities is like having a chemistry lab, and doing the same experiment every day.

What are you learning?  What are you teaching?

I take pictures.  I'm not Ansel Adams.

I write a blog.  I'm not Hemmingway.

You record liners and breaks on a hard drive.  That's not broadcasting.

"Alternative" is more than a genre of music.  It's also an attitude.  Give me something I can't hear or experience elsewhere.  You can do it.  As Dan Rather used to say "courage."

Congratulations on the awards, but remember what Einstein said:  "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right."

WVMW is my first radio station, I cherish my time there and it will always be special to me.  Please, use the microphone more than the keyboard.

By the way, I'll offer some thoughts on the TV station in the weeks to come.