Monday, January 6, 2014

Icy Example

Today, a perfect example of how the city of Scranton is stuck in the dark ages. 

The photos you will see today were taken after a recent snow storm.  Curb to curb plowing, and alternate side of the parking are concepts that have yet to reach the Electric City.

It costs more to park at meters than ever before.  Yet, this is what you get for your money.  Snow.  Ice.  A dangerous mess.
In the cases you see today.  It snowed, followed by a cold snap.  What you see here isn't slush.  It's rock solid.

The snow plowing behavior, or lack of it, is anti business, anti shopper, and anti downtown worker.  For a city that needs to attract people downtown, it's doing a lousy job.

I've known business owners who've hired heavy equipment to come in and do the job the city was supposed to do, and I'm told it's even worse in the neighborhoods.