Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Scrapple

What did you know and when did you know it?  If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used George Washington Bridge traffic tie-ups as retribution for a political opponent, his political career could be over.  Don't mess with drivers' commutes.

I've been beating up on Scranton lately, and deservedly so.  However, I have to say I really like the credit card accepting parking meters.  I should also note, the credit card meters come from the company hired to run the parking project, not the city itself.

Adam Sandler won the People's Choice award for best comedic movie actor.  Think about that for a while.

At least, it wasn't Will Ferrell.

GSN recently started re-running "Blockbusters" from the early 80's, at 9 AM-- one of the most under rated game shows in history.  Blessedly simple, but still loads of fun.

If you hear me scream in pain, it means my gas bill has arrived.

The NFL is thinking of expanding the playoffs.  Please don't.  It's fine as is, and an expansion will put some mediocre teams in the mix.

James Franklin appears to be a good football coach, but his baggage makes him a poor fit for Penn State.  Do a Google search.  There's an interesting NY Times story on the reduction of standards at Vanderbilt.  Is this what you really want?

I interviewed for a job in Charleston, WV in 1998, so I've been watching the water contamination story there with great interest.  The side of the city with the chemical plants is ugly beyond belief.  However, I found the rest of the city to be rather nice, and the people were friendly.

Seeing discarded Christmas trees on the curb makes me sad.  I know they're grown to be used and thrown out (or recycled).  That part doesn't bother me.  I think a tree on the curb signifies the holidays are truly over, and there's a long, dark cold late winter ahead.