Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PS Wednesday

Revisiting a few issues from the past today...

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce has hired an outside expert to take a look at Scranton's financial mess.  It's nice to have an outsider and a fresh set of eyes look at things.  Taxpayers won't pay for the consultant.  The Chamber will.  Follow the money.

Traffic on Interstate 81 north, between Wilkes-Barre and Pittston was down to one lane Monday and Tuesday.  Pothole.  A big one.  Crumbling concrete.  At least ten cars were damaged.  For those of you who remember, we sent a man to the moon.  Yet, we can't make long lasting road materials.

HBO and Aaron Sorkin say the next season, the third, of "The Newsroom" will be the last.  It's a darn fine show, and it gets major points due to the charismatic Jeff Daniels.

The same goes for NBC's "The Blacklist."  It really gets by on the talents of James Spader.  However, it's violent, creepy, and disturbing.  There are times I wonder how much more I can watch.

DirecTV and The Weather Channel are involved in those urinating contests that crop up from time to time.  The Weather Channel keeps trying to sell its importance.  Yeah, like I need to see more of those "end of the world/global warming" shows.  TWC is in a bind.  People get their weather from local TV, plus tablets and cell phones.  It had to change the game a bit.  TWC went too far.  Cut back on the shows.  Give us the weather.