Monday, January 20, 2014


Regular readers will likely remember I've been a visiting a gym a few times a week since November of 2012.

It's a nice little two hour work out, with my time divided between the bike, treadmill, elliptical, and stepper.

I recently noticed some shin discomfort while on the treadmill.  I dropped the incline level a bit.  It helped, a little.  I also broke up my 30 minute brisk treadmill session in to 15 minute spurts, and I used another machine in between.  Again, it helped, a little.

The next step, pardon the pun, was a change in footwear.  My general purpose Reeboks just weren't getting it done.  I looked for running shoes in a few stores.  I couldn't find anything I liked in my price and style range.

My shins were hurting and I got tired of shopping.  I finally went to a big box sporting goods store and told the kid in the shoe department that I wanted an inexpensive shoe, and one without neon colors.  My options were severely limited.  "Severely" is an understatment.  The shoe kid suggested a black and grey model from Nike, and they were on sale.  Done.

I took the shoes to the gym Friday morning.  It helped, a little.