Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arrival and Departure

I'll get to the departure first.

Sadly, Harold Ramis passed away yesterday.  He was Bill Murray's sidekick in Stripes.  He wrote and co-starred in Ghostbusters.  Ramis directed Caddyshack and Groundhog Day.  He was a funny man.  69.  Complications from something called autoimmune inflammatory disease.

The arrival is a uniform tweak for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  Translation:  more stuff for you to buy.  There are now a variety of caps and shirts, including this one.
Yes, it's a bacon themed cap.  Wearing something so bizarre could prove to be an incentive to play better and get to the major leagues quicker.

Seriously, I've always liked the "Iron Pigs" name, logo, and merchandising.  I'm not totally thrilled with the bacon cap, but if it gets fans interested and going to the ballpark, go nuts.  The home opener in Allentown is April 7.