Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Super Bowl XVIII is history, and for a change, I was right.  Seattle won.  I didn't expect the blowout.  Advice:  always go with the defense.

I'm listening to a radio recap as I write this.  As always, I slept through the game.  Super Bowls used to be a big deal to me, and I always found a way to watch, even if I was on the Dawn Patrol at work.  Times change.  I just didn't care.

Can we stop the Peyton Manning discussion?  He's a good quarterback, not a great quarterback.  To heck with all his records.  Unitas, Bradshaw, Montana, and a few others were better, but they played on teams that actually ran the ball once in a while.  You cannot compare quarterbacks of the past with today's players.  It's a different league.

Seattle is a tough team to like.  Some players don't talk.  Others talk too much.  The coach stained college football.  I'll give them credit.  Seattle's Super Bowl was just about flawless.  It's a young team, and if management can keep them together, there will be more Super Bowl trips.

I hope we've seen the last of the cold weather outdoor Super Bowls.  The NFL lucked out and New Jersey's weather was OK Sunday night.  I will admit, the pre game week, with television shows live in Times Square, was visually stunning.  However, the game is the star and it really shouldn't have been in New Jersey.

New York and New Jersey really botched the mass transit thing, and I can't say I'm surprised.  I will also admit that trying to move 85,000 people at once is impossible.

The thought of a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, Washington, or Philadelphia sounds interesting.  They are beautiful, but not sexy cities.  Super Bowl XVIX is in Arizona next year.  Yay!

As noted earlier, discussions of Super Bowl commercials bore me.  The only really interesting one was the Letterman/Leno/Oprah thing four years ago.  A writer noted that this year's Budewiser horse and puppy spot made him want to get a dog, not drink beer.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in two weeks.