Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank You, Winter

Yes, thank you, winter.

I'm serious.

I was looking for inspiration for today's blog.  When the highlight of the week is having your tax returns prepared, you know the tank is running on empty.

It was snowing.  There was no pressing need for me to go out.

The Olypmpics were on.  Other than an anchor's pink eye, it's been a boring week.

I know you didn't want another "weather" blog.  Too many have whined too often, and after all, it's still mid-February.  There's a lot of this left.

Then, during the snow, I looked out at the chestnut tree in the front yard, and I saw this.
I rarely see birds this big around the house.  My neighborhood generally tops out at pigeons.  Watching him for a while broke up my day, and it gave me a blog entry topic.  I doubt the bird would have been here if it wasn't snowing and stormy. 

So, thank you, winter.