Monday, February 24, 2014

Unfinished Monday

We ran a report from ABC News on Newswatch 16 Sunday Morning, concerning the arrest of the world's largest drug dealer.  He's now locked up in Mexico.  The report said the arrest will not affect the flow of drugs in North America.  It was an eye opener.  Drug operations are so big and complex that they can withstand the loss of the leader.

Penn State's "Thon" was another success.  It was a weekend of stories filled with inspiration.

A Saturday night domestic in Lansford ended with gunfire.  Four children were in the home.  Thank Heaven they weren't hurt.

A Scranton councilman voted to okay a zoning change that benefits his employer, and then tells the Times ~Tribune he didn't realize he should have abstained.

The pothole story is more than a freeze/thaw issue.  It's bad maintenance, bad drainage and water flow, and sloppy paving to begin with.

A pregnant woman, who already has an 18 month old, was taken in to custody as part of the meth lab bust in Schuylkill County.  There are no words to describe this one.

A Wilkes-Barre bar, that had its liquor license pulled, was busted over the weekend.  The allegation is selling alcohol without a license.  A man was gunned down in the bar's parking lot in October.  Apparently, some people don't care where they spend their time.

Eight badly neglected horses were discovered on a farm in Lycoming County on Friday.  Animal welfare officials say it will take months to get them healthy again.

Bundle up.  The Polar Vortex is coming back.