Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Scrapple

I hate to see a life wasted.  RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Punxsutawney Ground Hog Day celebration gets longer every year, and it's on the verge of becoming insufferable.

To those of you who wanted warmer weather:  warmer weather comes from the south, and it brings moisture as part of the package.  Think of that as you're driving through the snow and ice this week.  I'll take cold and dry.

Crest's chocolate toothpaste doesn't sound good, but I admit I'm intrigued.  A USA Today reviewer says it doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't leave your mouth with a clean feeling, either.

Before this week, I wouldn't know Bruno Mars if he bit me on the toe.  I don't expect to be downloading any of his songs.

I'm having a hard time getting excited over the Sochi Olympics, and I really don't see it happening, unless there's a really compelling story.  NBC's over the top, ultra serious, presentation doesn't help.

An Associated Press story on the Kids for Ca$h documentary says prosecutors will explain why they remained silent as Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan were running amok in the Luzerne County Court system.  I can't wait to hear the rationalization of their inactivity.

I'm amazed at the number of people, media and civilians, who now say the Seattle Seahawks are an awesome team.  Where were you before Sunday night?

I was very sorry to learn of the passing of former Scranton school superintendent, Dr. John R. Williams.  He was head of Scranton schools for 11 years, and was always accessible.  I worked with his brother.  My father knew his father.  Good people, and I'm sorry for their loss.

The Wall Street Journal reports Radio Shack is closing 500 of its 4,500 stores.  No list has been released.  Radio Shack used to be fun places, but somewhere along the line, it lost the fun.  It was also a place where you could find that unusual part or battery.  You can do all of that on the internet now.  Radio Shack has small stores with good customer service  For the most part, I've always found the help there to be knowledgeable.  I'm not happy about the cutbacks.

Good luck with the snow, and stay safe.