Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lessons Learned

We've had another case of violence in schools.  The latest is a series of stabbing yesterday near Pittsburgh.

In spite of it all, the vast, vast majority of American schools are safe.  That's easy for me to say.  I'm not a parent.  There are no school aged children in the family.

Schools should be fun and happy places.  The thought of an armed police or security officer in every hallway troubles me.  Doors are locked.  At times, security resembles that of a prison, without the bars.  I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in that atmosphere.  I'm sure it does give parents a more secure feeling.

These days, security is as big as a concern as the books and computers.

Think of the kindergartener entering school this fall.  The only school they will ever know is one where the security officer with the gun strapped to his her waist is as familiar as their teacher.  What seems abnormal and frightening to those of us long gone from the classroom will be just another day at school, a heavily armed school.