Friday, April 11, 2014

Media Notes

Just a few things today...

Colbert for Letterman?  A safe choice, but a good choice.  Once Colbert drops the character thing, he can be a solid host and comedian in the Carson/Letterman mold.  I hope CBS can reach a deal to keep Craig Ferguson at 12:35 AM.  He's out there, but occasionally outrageously funny.

Jane Pauley is leaving NBC News after 40 years to become a contributor for the CBS News "Sunday Morning" broadcast.  It seems like a perfect fit.  Plus, when 81 year old Charles Osgood chooses to hang up his bow tie, the 63 year old Pauley will be a perfect replacement.

What will CNN exploit once they find the Malaysian jet?

Mickey Rooney appeared in dozens of movies and tv shows.  He appeared on stage countless times, and died with an estate valued at $18,000.

It's nice to see baseball back on TV, and the MLB Network's daily highlights package show is outstanding.

"The Price is Right" celebrated its 8,000th show this week.  Jeez O'Pete, I remember the first of the "new" series in 1972.

I'm off this weekend.  Bill Wadell will handle the weekend morning broadcasts.

I'll see you soon.