Monday, April 7, 2014


It was widely felt that David Letterman would leave CBS after his current contract is up.  Letterman made it official Thursday night.  He's retiring next year.  The exact date has not been announced.

You knew it was coming.  That doesn't make it less sad.

Even though Letterman didn't seem happy in recent months, he was still head and shoulders above the other options.

That brings the issue of succession.

Craig Ferguson does the 12:35 AM show on CBS.  Funny.  Big fan.  He might be a little too edgy for 11:35, but Ferguson seems to be the type who can temper his act.  Most late night hosts have a WASPy appeal to them.  I'm not sure American will warm up to a guy from Scotland.

Many seem to favor Jon Stewart.  Another funny guy, but I don't think he wears well.  Letterman could be curmudgeonly, but he still had a warmth and charm.  I don't get that from Stewart.

If CBS asked me, I'd pick Stephen Colbert, as long as he loses some of the snark.  Most media lists I've read, including the New York Times, have Colbert at or near the top of the list.

Replacing The King of Late Night won't be easy.