Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bunny Trail

I lived closer to college than I did to my high school.  I started working weekends and overnights at a radio station when I was a sophomore.  I'm not complaining, but I did miss a lot of the "college experience."

I got to re-live a little of that yesterday.  A college friend was in town to pick up her daughter from the University of Scranton, prior to the Easter break, and I was invited to stop by to say hello.

Wow!  It was get away day, as students finished up their work prior to high tailing it, or bunny hopping it, out of town.  Cars and mini vans were all over the place as students packed up their stuff.   Plenty of relatives were there to help.  There seemed to be some urgency in the air, as this is the last big break before finals and the end of the semester.

Everyone was in a hurry.  Traffic moved slowly, but it appeared to be an organized chaos.  While most were getting out of town yesterday, there were still some with things that needed to be completed before the University shuts down at noon Thursday.  A handful of students appeared to be sticking around for the extra day.

May the bunny bestow loads of treats upon you and yours.  Travel safely.