Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Scrapple

Tuesday night's Colbert on Letterman appearance was a tad underwhelming.  However, Letterman's Robin Roberts interview that followed was outstanding.  Over the years, Letterman has learned how to ask a question, and he wasn't afraid to take the show serious for a moment.

Donald Trump has never been one of my favorite people.  Even though he helped destroy the old USFL, I'd be OK with Trump buying the Buffalo Bills.

Chelsea Handler has taken herself out of the running for a CBS late night show.  Good.  Handler is a one trick pony:  saying mean things about people.

McDonald's had a bad financial quarter.  The company says it will turn its attention to improving customer service, and concentrate on its core products.  It's something I've been saying for years.  The menu became too large.  Get me a burger, and do it fast.

NBC's "The Blacklist" has remained consistently entertaining throughout the season.

Congratulations to Chicago's Wrigley Field, 100 years old.

There are few things better than an absolutely fresh doughnut.  I had the good fortune Tuesday morning of having a story near a doughnut shop.  I was amazed that I stopped at one creamy and sugary delight.