Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Defies Analysis

A big part of me wants to believe there's good in every man and woman.

And then, there's Aazis Richardson.

He was charged Friday night with shooting a cab driver in the head and stealing $ 500.

Richardson is innocent until proven guilty, but, on camera, he admitted to the charges, expressed no remorse, and even threw a four letter word at the victim's family.

I'd never seen anything like it.  You hate to give publicity to a person like that, but you need to see it.    It was that unbelievable.

Our newsroom got calls from ABC and stations across the country.  They asked for our video.  It was national news.

There's a chance his confession to police could get kicked out of court.  There's a lot of evidence without it.  I'm sure our video will be subpoenaed.  If it ever gets to trial, it's likely a jury will get a look.  You have to wonder what the defense will be.  Mental problems?  Drugs?  Family issues?

We can't forget about the victim.  Two children lost their father, a man relatives say was just trying to earn a living.

Remember when you were 16?  Your dreams.  The life you wanted to live.  I could not imagine being 16, and facing the strong possibility of a tiny prison cell for the rest of my life.  I guess there's always the possibility of being found guilty of, or pleading guilty to a lesser degree.  Plus robbery.

At best, Richardson is looking at 40 years in prison.

He enters jail as a kid.  He leaves an old man, if he ever leaves at all.