Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take Two Tuesday

Revisiting some recent topics...

Yesterday, I wrote about how thrilled I was to see Burger King offering "burgers for breakfast."  Well, I prematurely squeezed my ketchup.  A reliable source in the industry says most BK's in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area will not take part in the program.  BK was already missing the boat by not opening early and staying open late.  Add this to the list of missed opportunities.

It's one week until the "Pennsylvania Primary."  Candidates for governor are spending plenty on the media.  We'll see if anyone gains the traction to take down the guy leading in the polls in the race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Tom Wolf.

I expected more fireworks out of the Lackawanna County form of government referendum.  Are the "pro commissioner" people broke, or do they simply feel county voters will resist change?

The racists and the homophobes seem to be working overtime recently.  Radio talk show hosts and cable tv anchors send a big "thank you" for giving them hot button topics.

I've been enjoying air conditioning for the sound muffling quality as much as the coolness.