Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unfinished Wednesday

There was a deadly crash involving a police car Monday evening in Carbon County, and time seemed to stand still.  I wonder why.

Donald Sterling really needs to stop talking.  He really does.  Apparently, Mr. Sterling never heard the phrase "You are your own worst enemy."

"The Blacklist" season finale aired Monday night.  This series is overly gruesome, bloody, violent, and complicated.  Having said that, it's thoroughly entertaining.

CBS cancelled Robin Williams sitcom "The Crazy Ones."  Meh.  I watched a couple of times.  Cute.  Not outstanding.

A lackluster election cycle is still exciting.  It might not seem like it, but there's a lot at stake Tuesday.

If the expected Corbett vs Wolf race for governor materializes, look for one of the most expensive and nastiest contests in Pennsylvania history.  The venom is flowing between the two, and we're still six days from the primary.

Do we really need another Godzilla remake?

The United States Postal service lost nearly $ 2 billion in the first quarter.  Letter carriers do a fine job, but times have changed, and the system is broken.