Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eye on the Ball

As a candidate for Pennsylvania's Attorney General, Kathleen Kane made allegations then-AG Tom Corbett slowed the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse investigation for political gain.  Kane theorized it would be politically unpopular for gubernatorial candidate Corbett to go after Sandusky and the revered and feared Penn State football program.

An investigation, commissioned by Kane and released yesterday, showed there is no smoking gun and nothing to indicate Corbett played "hands off Penn State."

Kane faulted Corbett for not going after Sandusky quickly enough.  That's all.

A former chief investigator under Corbett denies it all.  He, and Corbett point to the fact that Sandusky is likely in jail for the rest of his life, and the victims received the justice they deserved.

Could the investigation have moved faster?  Likely.  Were mistakes and blunders made?  Absolutely.

However, one cannot escape the fact that Kane made allegations that simply were not true.