Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Person: Gabe's

It was a story that combined two things that make me happy-- the re-use of old buildings, and people getting jobs.

Gabe's is a West Virginia based clothing discount store, similar to Marshall's and TJ Maxx.  It has about 40 stores and is embarking on an expansion.  Luckily, that includes our area.  Gabe's is opening a new store at the end of July.  You can find it in the East End Centre in Wilkes-Barre Township.  It'll be in the building Price Chopper vacated several years ago.  Work is underway to renovate it, and looks on schedule for a July 26th opening.
Gabe's held a two day job fair, beginning Monday morning, and I was assigned to take a look.

Don Hewitt of "60 Minutes" preached "tell me a story."  Our former assistant director always said "Introduce me to someone."  It's what I always set out to do on job fair stories.  We found two good stories-- a woman who lost her job as a fork lift operator last week, and a young woman, entering the job market for the first time.

Let me back up a moment.  The job fair started at 9 AM Monday.  People started lining up at the hotel that hosted it two hours early.  It's clear that times are tough.We got the standard line from the company.  Wages will be "competitive."  They'll be based upon the position and the experience.  Hey, if you need a job, any job is a good job. I've worked for some lousy wages in my life, but I was just happy to be working and getting something.

Anyway, the former fork lift operator will have to wait and see.  The young job seeker was hired on the spot.  I think I was just as happy as she was.  She seemed like a nice kid and she'll do just fine.

Photographer Joe and I put together a good story for our Monday noon broadcast

Let me branch off on to another topic before I hit the "publish" button.  Think about this before you park your arse under the tattoo needle.  Gabe's has a policy that tatts have to be covered up on the job.  I'm not taking a pro or anti tattoo stand.  Young people entering the job market have to be aware that not everyone wants to see your ink, no matter how well done.