Sunday, August 31, 2014

Classic Andy's Angles: National Aquarium

I have a vacation coming up in a few days, and for many years, vacation = Baltimore.  It was a great place.  Far, without being too far.  Affordable.  Plenty to see and do.  I'd always make a side trip in to Harrisburg because government fascinates me.

Then, things changed.  The quiet Baltimore suburb where I grabbed a hotel room became less quiet and less safe.  Baltimore lost a lot of its uniqueness, and it acquired a lot of those touristy things you could find in any city-- chain restaurants, cookie cutter stores and attractions.  However, the National Aquarium at the Inner Harbor remained a treasure.  I took this photo in 1987, from the top of Baltimore's World Trade Center, the tallest building at the Inner Harbor.

It's hard to believe that I haven't been to Baltimore in 12 years.  I'm not going to violate one of my rules:  "unless you were buried under rubble, no one cares where you were on 9/11"...  but that's where I was:  Baltimore, MD.

I went back in 2002.  I didn't feel comfortable for the reasons mentioned above.  Plus, there were too many 9/11 memories from the year before.

I'm sure it's still a wonderful city.