Monday, August 18, 2014

Fries With That?

I read last where Burger King is giving up on its reduced calorie french fries.  I never had them, so I can't offer an intelligent review.  The concept seemed okay.

BK is apparently still trying to come up with the magic formula to take on McDonalds, the french fry gold (or Golden Arches) standard.

I don't know.   BK regular fries were okay.  The last few times I had McDonald's fries, they were crispy and tasty, but overly and excessively salted.

The BK failure might have to do with cost.  A small bag of the reduced calorie fries was $ 1.89, and that's outrageous.  The regular fries are $ 1.59, and that is also far too much.  A potato costs pennies.  Restaurants of all types, not just fast food, have to be making a fortune on potato dishes.

The bottom line is we like them, so we pay for them.

Is this a great country, or what?