Friday, September 26, 2014


Derek Jeter retires when the regular season closes Sunday afternoon.

The Yankee shortstop is getting some heat for a prolonged series of farewells and tributes, across the league.  The complainers say Jeter is an average player who doesn't deserve that level of attention.

I'm not a Yankee fan, and therefore not a Jeter fan, but I think he deserves everything he receives-- and then some.

All he did in his 20 year career is pile up decent numbers, and he was a good ambassador for the game, a role model.

Jeter was never in trouble.  He seems like a nice guy-- a credit to a MLB uniform, unlike many of his steroid using contemporaries.

There are people still fawning over Pete Rose, and he was one of the biggest bums ever to set foot on a baseball diamond.  Rose had more hits.  Jeter has more class.  The latter is more important.

Former Yankee manager Joe Torre called Jeter the best player he ever managed, but not the best athlete.  He didn't hesitate when asked the question.  I'd rather have someone who tries hard and makes the most of the talent he has.  It looks like that was Derek Jeter.

Plus, what a way to end Thursday night's game-- the last home game, a walk-off single in front of a full house.

Derek, enjoy the tributes, and have a happy retirement.