Monday, September 8, 2014

About the Cover

I had a free day, and I really needed some "me" time, so I grabbed the camera and hopped in the car.  As always, one road led to another, and I wound up in Herrick Center, Susquehanna County.

This is the old school, and a neighbor tells me it housed just about every grade over the year.  That's nice.

Who doesn't love neighborhood schools, although I'm sure this one drew students from a wide area.

Personally, it's mixed feelings.  It's so nice to be able to walk to school and have a sense of community.  Unfortunately, some of the neighborhood schools I was in were awful.  No facilities.  Fire traps.  They were sad and dangerous places.

A lot of neighborhood schools are gone.  It's a matter of economics, and they offer great gyms, libraries and labs.  I get that.  Still, it was nice to walk out the door, walk a few blocks, and be seated in your classroom.

This month's header carries on a tradition.  I've been trying to do something with an education theme for the past few Septembers.  While most colleges, universities and school districts go back in late August, I always considered September to be THE back to school month.