Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There is considerable outrage over Ray Rice's actions, and rightfully so.

To get you up to speed, Rice hit his fiance (now his wife) in an Atlantic City hotel.  The Baltimore Ravens star was suspended for two games.

Earlier this week, TMZ got its hands on the video of the actual strike.  We had already seen Rice dragging the unconscious woman out of the elevator.

Rice was suspended for two games.  That switched to a ban, plus a release from contract, after video of the punch became public.

Two things:  There are allegations the NFL never made an effort to find the video of the punch.  Also, did we really need it?  We saw the video of Rice dragging a limp body out of the elevator.  We could all come to the conclusion that something really bad happened in there because she was UNCONSCIOUS!

Systemic failure:  from the punch itself, to the investigation, to the way the NFL and the Ravens handled the punishment.

And, the NCAA lifted some of the post Sandusky sanctions against Penn State.  Judging by the reaction, it looks like the "football first" mentality is still alive and well.