Monday, September 15, 2014


It makes you wonder.  What drives a person to kill one state police officer and seriously wound another?

To say the individual has no regard for human life is an understatement.  Cop killers hold a special place in society, and it's not a highly regarded one.

The theories are out there, but no one who really knows is talking, at least not right now.

We'll eventually learn why all of this happened.  Was it a random act, or did the shooter have a grudge against a specific officer?  Did the shooter hate everyone in uniform?

What will we learn here?  Do officers have to wear bullet proof vests constantly?  I've been in a lot State Police barracks over the years.  They all have features that separate the public from the secure areas.  Do we now need more protection, more security outside?

I'm sure all the answers will come, eventually.  I'm not sure we'll like what we hear.