Thursday, September 18, 2014


I did something yesterday I hadn't done in a while-- wander through one of those big box office supply stores.  I really didn't need anything.  It's been an unusual week and I just needed to get out for a while.

The store has been updated since my last visit, and some things jumped out at me.

The store had just three desktop computers on display.  Three.  And, they were hard to find.  We now live in a laptop and tablet world.

The software area has shrunk considerably.  All the store had was some anti virus software and a few business productivity items.  No one buys dvd software any more.  It's all downloaded.

The hard wired telephone department is shrinking, again.  Copper land lines are on the way out.

It looks like the cell phone/smart phone case, charger and accessory area has a lot more room.

It was nice to see the store still sells a lot of pens and paper.  I hope pen to paper never goes away.