Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Unfinished Tuesday

I used to think Joan Rivers was funny.  Then, her act turned mean.  Really mean.  It was nasty stuff.  Letterman reasoned the other night that it was okay because Rivers poked as much fun at herself as she did other people.  Sorry, Dave.  That's not enough for an acquittal.  I do respect that she stayed around, and fairly popular, for a very long time.  My sympathy to family, friends, and fans.

A while back I wondered how states will make money now that the bloom is off the gambling rose.  Atlantic City, NJ is on the verge of collapse, with three casinos closing and 2,000 people out of work.  I don't see it getting any better.  Competition from New York and Maryland is on the way.  My guess was more states would the Colorado model and try to make money off marijuana.  NBA commissioner Adam Silver seems to have it figured out.  He sees legalized sports betting as "inevitable" and he's probably right.  I still think you'll see legal marijuana sooner rather than later.

NOAA, how's that hurricane forecast working out?  Not so good?  I thought so.

Scranton's former "Moonshine Theater" will be re-named "The Leonard."  It's to honor the old hardware store that once occupied the building.  The other name under consideration was "The Anthracite."  "The Leonard" was the smart choice.  In case you haven't noticed, the mines closed decades ago, and they left a legacy of scarred earth and scarred bodies.