Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who, Me?

I walked back in to the office Monday afternoon, after a long 12 hour day on the road.  The message light on my phone was blinking.  I was going to check the voice mail when I got home, or the next day, but I punched in my code at my desk and listened to the message.

Phone calls from attorneys are rarely good news.  A lawyer from Cleveland wanted to talk with me.  I returned the call,  got his secretary, then the lawyer.  He won a judgement against an Andrew Palumbo from Buffalo, NY, but couldn't find him to collect.  The lawyer said he knew I wasn't the deadbeat, and we weren't related.  He was just taking a shot in the dark to ask if I knew the man from Buffalo.

The answer was "no."  The lawyer and I exchanged some pleasantries and small talk, and he said he was off to continue his quest for the guy who owed him money.

Good luck.