Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Week

The polls open here in Pennsylvania at 7 AM, one week from today.

All eyes are on the race for governor, where Republican Tom Corbett is trying to hold on for a second term.

Most polls have Corbett trailing Democrat Tom Wolf, but gaining.  A recent Franklin & Marshall College poll has Corbett trailing in every part of the state, even Republican strongholds.

Since the state constitution was changed in 1968, every Pennsylvania governor was elected to a second term.

Corbett is in danger of making history, and not in a good way.

It all comes down to turn out, in my view.  If Corbett can get big numbers out of the middle and northern parts of the state, he stands a chance. Part of the equation is Philadelphia voters, a huge Democratic area, staying home.

So far, Wolf has run a smart campaign.  He spent early to gain name recognition, and he kept his name in front of the public during the normally slow summer political season.  He painted Corbett as the guy who gutted funding for education, and the guy who was too friendly with the gas drillers.

Corbett struck a few hits in his commercials, claiming Wolf to be just another taxing and spending Democrat.

It will be an interesting final week.