Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Kevin Metheny died last week after suffering a heart attack.  At the time, he was programming a couple of radio stations in San Francisco.

If you do know the name Kevin Metheny, it might not be in a positive light.  Metheny made Howard Stern's life miserable while both were at WNBC in the early 80's.  The bumper sticker above is from my collection.

The Kenny/"Pig Vomit" character from Stern's "Private Parts" movie was actually an amalgam of programmers fought with over the years, but a lot of it was Metheny.

Paul Giamatti played Kenny in the movie, and a scene with Giamatti and Stern was one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.  It's the scene where Kenny is teaching Stern the proper way to say WNBC, with heavy emphasis on an elongated N.

That scene hits home.  I've told the story before, but in case you're new here...

I spent a lot of time in radio, and there was a time my radio station's parent company employed a talent coach.  We received notice one day that the coach was coming to pay a visit with the goal of, get this, "teaching us how to be natural." Really?  Can you teach natural?

I tried to keep an open mind.  After all, the talent coach, who passed away a few years ago, was a lovely man.  I was young and I needed help.

I didn't think the sessions went well.  There were some good tips, but he made me exceptionally self conscious of every syllable I pronounced.  It was the exact opposite of natural.

The talent coach went back to the main office, and I never heard from him again.  I'm not sure if it's because he thought i was doing well, or if he viewed me as a lost cause.  I stayed with the company for several more years, so someone must have liked me.