Thursday, November 20, 2014

Count Your Blessings

Okay, so it's a little cold.  It's November.  It happens.  Relax.  There's a lot more cold weather before spring finally rolls around in June of July.

The cold might be unpleasant, but we're Pennsylvanians.  We know the drill.  Bundle up.  Check on the elderly and pets.  Be careful with heating systems.  Don't do anything stupid.  We'll get through this.

Be thankful you're not in western New York, where they're measuring snow in feet.  People are trapped on highways.  They're trapped in their homes.  It might be days before streets are open again.  Residents are running out of food and supplies.  It's ugly, and it's frightening.

Perspective, my friends.  We have nothing to complain about.