Monday, November 17, 2014

Mail Call

A caller to Talkback 16 last week took me to task for using the term "snail mail."  It was during a story on COLTS taking public input on its plan to slash service.  The caller lumped me in with the rest of the station, accusing us of putting nails in the coffin of the United States Postal Service because you can e-mail guesses to our annual snow thrower contest.

Apparently, the caller is not a blog reader.  I've used this space in the past to thank a letter carrier for trudging through a snow storm to make sure my mother received a social security check.  By the way, this was before the federal government put a nail in the USPS coffin by going to direct deposit.  I've also marveled here on how a letter can go coast to coast for 50 cents.

I occasionally visit the Olyphant and Stafford Avenue, Scranton post offices-- where the employees are professional and courteous.  Package shipping is fairly easy and at a reasonable cost.

However, you cannot escape the face that once you've paid for internet access, e-bill paying, and e-mail are free and instantaneous.

Ben Franklin, the first Postmaster General, was one of my heroes.  I'd hate to see the USPS go away.  Unfortunately, the services it provides aren't as necessary as they once were.

Society and technology hammered the nails.