Friday, November 14, 2014


This blog turns 10 years old Sunday.


I skipped the traditional blog genesis story last year, in favor of my first entry ever, so it's time to tell the tale again.

Dennis Fisher was our news director at the time.  He was looking for ways to get more original content on WNEP.com.  I saw reporters and anchors doing columns on other TV station web sites.  I suggested it to Dennis.  He asked for a sample.  Before I could provide one, webmaster Mark Sowers noticed the blog thing gaining traction.  He set up an in house platform, and I was off and running that afternoon.

Mark slowly introduced enhancements, like the ability to add pictures and graphics.

Out next webmaster, Chris Nehlybel took it a step further.  Chris asked I open a Blogger.com account, and there's a link on WNEP.com.  It was one less headache for Chris, and a way for regular updates and customization.

Due to the switch in platforms, I don't have an accurate number of blog entries.  I'm guessing it's around 3,500.  A few have actually been interesting.  I've also posted hundreds of photos here.  One or two might have been good.

A lot of blogs have come and gone during the last ten years.  I'm still here.

Thanks to Dennis and Mark for getting it started.  They were great guys to work for and with.

Thank you for reading.