Monday, November 3, 2014


I can't say tomorrow's election is the most exciting ever, but it does offer its share of interesting races.

A state senate race in Monroe County is generating some noise.  There are a few state house races on the radar.

Of course, the big race is at the top of the ticket.  Does Republican Tom Corbett get a second term, or does Democrat Tom Wolf break the streak of Pennsylvania voters giving governors second terms?

I've covered races like this before.  The big city numbers usually come in first, and the Democrat usually jumps out to a lead.  The lead is whittled away, and possible eclipsed when the center and northern tiers numbers come in-- areas where Republicans usually do well.

No matter what happens, it's fascinating to pick apart the numbers, the geography, and the trends.

The polls open at 7 AM tomorrow.  I'll see you there.