Monday, January 12, 2015

Championship Monday

Oregon plays Ohio State tonight for the college football national championship.

I will admit that I do watch a little bit of college football.  It's a decent way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon.  I know the teams and the major players.

However, I don't feel good about it.  Show me a major college football program that hasn't been in trouble with the NCAA for something.

The "football first" mentality has gotten a lot of schools in hot water.  Yet, the abuses continue.

Michigan is paying Jim Harbaugh $35 million dollars, plus incentives and bonuses.  You wonder how many low income students could have been helped with that money.  I'm sure Michigan could have found a coach just as good for half the price.

Of course, some will argue a successful football program makes money.  It gives the school attention and prestige.

Forgive me for believing a school's one and only function should be educating students.