Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Person: Snowy Monday

I crawled in to bed after working the overnight shift Saturday night in to Sunday morning, but I didn't sleep well.  Snow troubles me.  I don't like driving in it.  I worry about family and friends who have to drive in it.  When I know I'll be morning "snow reporter," I fret over having enough to say and show.  This week was especially difficult.  There were predictions of a major, crippling storm.  Should I pack some essentials in case I have to stay at a hotel near the office?
As it turned out, the snowfall total predictions appeared to shrink by the hour.  The first flakes had just hit Lackawanna County when I was pulling in to the WNEP parking lot shortly after 2 AM yesterday.

It was then time for the most entertaining part of the day, and we really should put it on the internet one of these days-- the morning brainstorming session.   Producer Thomas, photographer Jason and I kicked around places that would make interesting "live" locations.  I shot down the first two.  We settled on Tamaqua.  First, it's a pretty little town.  Second, we could set up very close to the busy Route 309/209 intersection.  There would be plenty to see.  The southern part of our coverage area was due to receive the most snow, and schools were already listed as closed for the day.

The ride was no picnic.  A 45 minute trip took 75.  We made it in one piece.

The equipment in the truck located the right satellite quickly.  Jason strung out the cable.  We fired up the camera, and we were on the air, ten times, for Newswatch 16 This Morning.

After the morning broadcast, photographer Corey relieved photographer Jason, and we traveled around the area, looking for interesting things to include in our noon report.  No problem.  We were shot, written, approved, edited, and video transmitted back to home base in plenty of time.

We were live at noon in Sugarloaf Township.  You got a live look at the roads, plus a feel for what the morning was like in lower Luzerne and Schuylkill Counties.

I made it home in time to sweep the sidewalk, warm up some left over Chinese food, and hit the bed, to do it all over again the next day.