Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scrapple 2015

A fellow blogger has adopted the "Scrapple" title of his potpourri.  No offense.  I got credit.

I've been postponing this blog entry for weeks, so apologies if some of the items are a little stale.

I can't blame Sony for pulling the plug on "The Interview" after threats from North Korea.  All had to take is one incident.  Would you send your kids to a cineplex playing it?  On the other hand, remember Will McAvoy's speech from the opening scene of "The Newsroom?"  "We didn't scare so easy."  A limited release seemed like a decent solution.

Green Christmases don't bother me.  There is so much to do, the last thing we need are travel issues.

People magazine named Kate Upton as its sexiest woman.  No complaints, but there are several others in her class.  How do you choose just one?

I think I ate my body weight in shrimp, cookies, and Chex Mix over the holidays.

Considering myself lucky because I don't have the overwhelming urge that I HAVE to do something New Year's Eve.

The Hollywood Reporter says movie attendance hit a 19 year low in 2014.  Simple way to remedy that:  Make better movies.

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo died two weeks ago.  82.  Great speaker.  Not ashamed to say he was a liberal.  When Cuomo has the chance to step up, he passed.  I have some issues with that.

I was 3 out of 4 in football predictions last weekend, missing only the Indianapolis win.  New England plays Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX February 1.