Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Monkey

There are things meant for public consumption, and things meant for "inside the office" only.

We crossed a line Monday.

I occasionally, in the newsroom only, refer to myself as the Snow Monkey.  It all started during some fizzled snow storms.  I was out on the road, walking, dancing, and filling time during less than impressive snowfalls.

Joe Snedeker called me Snow Monkey on the air this week.  The secret was out.  I'm not angry.  There was no malicious intent.  It was all in fun.  Still, I cringed a bit anytime I heard it.

We're constantly looking for new and different ways to cover storms.  Ryan Leckey is a social media whiz, and he loves viewer contributions.  I've been strapping a thermometer to trees and light poles with a bungee cord to show you temperature variances.  I've been known to slide a hockey puck and soda bottle across ice glazed parking lots.  My old friend, Raegan Medgie used a hand held anemometer during Tuesday's New York City blizzard.  I have to get one of those.  An on-line search shows they're reasonably priced.

Storms can be dangerous business, and when the weather is severe, we stop monkeying around.