Monday, January 26, 2015

Unfinished Monday

#Ballghazi:  Any other NFL team gets the benefit of the doubt, but not the New England Patriots.  They've cheated before and there's significant evidence to indicate they've done it again.  The nightmare NFL season continues.  The league has fumbled cases of domestic violence and child abuse.  Add Ballghazi to the list.  The Patriots are adamantly denying doing anything shady.  The jury is still out.

Kathleen Kane:  She might not have done something criminal, but it's clear she made some mistakes-- mistakes large enough to prompt major investigations and possibly criminal charges.  And the answer is to weaken the state's shield law for reporters?  What a mess! The shield law deserves a blog entry of its own one of these days.

Turn the Page:  By far, the most controversial phrase of President Obama's State of the Union address.  If you saw the speech, if you read the speech, you knew where he was going.  If you examine the line on its own, it looks like a problem.  Regardless of whether or not you feel we've turned the page, it was a questionable choice of words.  The president's speech writer could have come up with something better.  Advisers and/or the president should have red flagged it.

Snow:  The drought is over.  Let the panic begin.  I've always thought the "keep calm" stuff is over used, but it's applicable here.  The approaching storms look to be rather severe, especially if you live in eastern Pennsylvania.  Stay home if you can.  Be extra careful if you can't.