Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Business Tuesday

It's interesting to watch once great corporations lose their way and struggle to be relevant again.

McDonald's is changing management, and reducing the size of its menu.  It makes sense.  The restaurant chain tried to be too many things to too many people.  It appears to be concentrating on burgers and fries.  On one hand, that makes sense.  On the other, McDonald's has to overcome years of people saying its food will kill you.

Staples is buying Office Depot, which also owns Office Max.  If the deal goes through, it will leave just one big box office supply retailer.  Staples thinks the take over/merger can get past federal regulators because you can buy the stame stuff at places like Walmart and on-line.

Office Depot used to have stores around here.  I found it had newer items before its competitors, but the prices were on the high side.  Office Max stores were kind of boring and tired.  Staples does a nice job.

Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy last week and it appears the chain is on the way out.  Radio Shack stores were always fun to explore, and I used to look forward to its catalog years ago.  Times have changed.  You can get the same stuff elsewhere, and at better prices.  RS employees didn't seem as knowledgeable as they once were.  The company lost its way, and it will soon be gone.  Some stores will remain open, but it will be tough sledding for a tiny company to go against the big guys.